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Benefits of Breakfast for Health

Breakfast brings a variety of health benefits. Even so, don't just be full. Make sure the breakfast you consume contains a variety of important nutrients the body needs. If your body feels weak and your mood is not well controlled in the morning, try to remember again, you have breakfast or not. The health benefits of breakfast cannot be underestimated. In addition, breakfast can also affect various important aspects in starting your day, before undergoing activities. The Benefits of a Breakfast that is Darling Missed For those of you who often skip breakfast, start changing these habits, because there are many health benefits of breakfast. Among others are: 1. Meet daily nutritional needs Your body's daily nutritional needs for vitamins and minerals cannot be fulfilled properly if you skip breakfast. Research reveals that people who are accustomed to breakfast are more fulfilled in their nutritional needs, including fiber, vitamins A, B, C, and calcium which are import
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Easy Ways to Overcome Cough with Phlegm in Transition Season

Transition season is identical to the emergence of various diseases. One of them is coughing up phlegm due to respiratory infection. But, you dont have to worry. A number of natural treatments and medicines you can use to overcome them. Transition season is a transition period between two seasons, from the dry season to the rainy season or vice versa. Changes in weather and temperature that occur during this transition can have an impact on endurance, because the body needs to work harder to adjust to air and weather conditions. In addition, bacteria and viruses, including viruses that cause colds and cough with phlegm, flourish and can survive longer in the transition season. That is the reason, at the turn of the season we are more susceptible to coughing. Transition season creates conditions suitable for the development of germs and viruses around humans. Home Care to Relieve Sputum Cough Coughing is often caused by a viral infection. If the cause is a virus, then you don'

Information About Doctor's Prescriptions You Need to Know

One of the skills that a doctor must have is to prescribe medication. Writing a doctor's prescription aims to facilitate health services and reduce the risk of errors in drug administration. A doctor's prescription is a legal document containing a doctor's written request to the pharmacist, to prepare and give medicine to the patient. This prescription is made according to the needs of the patient, after the doctor performs a medical examination and determines the diagnosis. By law, only general practitioners, specialists, and dentists are authorized to write prescriptions. The Elements in a Doctor's Prescription The correct doctor's prescription is a prescription that is written clearly, easily understood, and in accordance with the rules of prescription writing. The prescription sheet or prescription form from the doctor must contain the following: The identity of the doctor who wrote the prescription The name of the doctor, the number of the Practice